This is who I am... my name is Goh Kurosawa, a composer/guitarist focusing on originals for solo guitar and my cutting edge band SHARP THREE Zero Cool. I have been fortunate to be consistently featured on TV in Japan and the West Coast where I tour regularly doing my own thing at festivals, schools, and listening friendly spaces of many kinds. In 2013, I started a monthly music gathering called Brilliant Strings to celebrate and share live music with friends and musical colleagues in Los Angeles where I currently reside with Nyan-Nyan my cat. Click "HERE" for my full bio located on my facebook page please.

"It has been often said that to listen to Goh Kurosawa is to force oneself to abandon any notion of category or genre. While it is true that he flows effortlessly between flamenco, jazz, rock, samba and even classical, it should not be said that Goh has not firmly planted his flag in the fabled land of jazz. It should not be mistaken that he is not a jazz player..."
-- JazzTimes Magazine

"Goh Kurosawa's music is beyond any simple classification. The guitarist improvises melodically, is open to the influences of pop, rock, flamenco, classical, Latin and Japanese music, and has his own musical identity. Equally skilled on electric and acoustic guitars, he has mastered tapping and sometimes uses electrical devices to create a wide range of sounds yet is not shy to embrace a pretty melody... personable and eager to talk about his music and guitar tunings between songs, Goh put on a warm and entertaining show. His set included Bob Marley's No Women No Cry, My Family My Friends, a Japanese folk song, Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah (which he sang) and parts of a suite he recently composed. Throughout the performance, Goh Kurosawa sounded very much like a full band and his accessible yet adventurous music was fun to hear. His recent CD, Energy (available from is well worth picking up."
-- LA Jazz Scene ("JAZZ IN PALMDALE" by Scott Yanow)

-- "SHARP THREE Zero Cool"
-- TV (USA)
-- TV (Japan)

2013 Highlights
-- CD "ENERGY" Review on LA Jazz Scene
-- DVD/CD "SHARP THREE Zero Cool" Review by Travis Rogers, Jr.
-- Teaching @ CAT Music College (written in Japanese)

*these three videos, also located on my landing page, are intended for you to get a solid visual understanding of me... so please do check them out before you wander off into the greater cyberspace!!!